Light, fun, yet annoyingly dubbed animated series.  Sandy Brown’s grandmother gets a package that was lost at sea for years.  It’s a
stuffed koala bear.  She gives it to Sandy, she noozles its nose, it comes to life, and his name is Blinky.  Soon after, his sister (Pinky)
pops up.  Turns out they are both from Koala-Wala Land, and have magical powers.  By the end of the series, Sandy finds her lost
father in Koala-Wala Land.  Premiered in the Fall of 1988 on Nick Jr.  Ran for 65 episodes.  

Sandy Brown - Annoying red-haired girl.
Grandma Brown - Sandy's Lively grandmother
Mark – Sandy’s best friend
Franky and Spike – Two thugs
Blinky – Grey, gets hungry and tired easily.  His watch could stop time.
Pinky (Pink, perky koala bear.  Wants to get Blinky back home.  Can travel through space and time.)  

Voices: Pinky (Cheryl Chase)
Music by Saban and Levi
Music supervisor – Andrew Dimitroff
Original animation by Fuji Eight Co, Ltd.
Saban Productions

Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea

French serial about a women named Arkana, who was sent to save Arkadia from the sun’s failure.  She is joined by Spartakus (slave
rebel), Bob, and Rebecca (brother and sister) One of two songs would be sung, sometimes for very little reason.  Bic and Bac would
do a dance called the Flashbick, and the Pirates would sing about themselves.  1985.  Ran for 52 episodes.  

Arkana – Woman in white, has telekinesis, created by children of Arkadia.
Spartakus – Slave rebel with a cool wrist thingy
Rebecca – Matt’s younger, sometimes bratty sister.
Matt – Rebecca’s older brother.
Bic and Bac – Oldest living creatures in Arkadia.  Like to sing.  They’re inseparable.
Tehrig – The gang’s ship.
PIRATES (Nasty Max, Mighty Matt, Massmedia, and Sleazeappeal)  

THEME SONG (original English version):
                               “Ever since the time of the Great Cataclysm, the Arkadians have
                               lived deep in the center of the earth. They believed they were the
                               only survivors of this great devastation. Their civilization thrived
                               under the power of their sun, the Tehra... until it began to fail. In
                               desperation, the children of Arkadia broke the law and entered the
                               forbidden Archives searching for a solution. What they discovered
                               gave them hope. Anxiously, they used their special powers and created
                               a messenger to the people above. They named her Arkana.”  

                               Shine like a sun that lies beneath the sea.  Divine is the one we call Tehra.
                               Far from the world we knew so long ago.  Mine is the land Arkadia.
                               We pass on the stratas in our magic ship.  We're strong for our hearts now beat as one.
                               Matt and Rebecca believe Arkana.  Brave while the sun still burns.  

                               Go follow Spartakus to the sun beneath the sea.
                               We're so near to the universe, which has long disappeared.
                               Rainbows dawn on Arkadia shining sun beneath the sea.
THEME SONG (by Menudo):
                               Before you came, we only had a dream.
                               Hidden deeply, burning brightly like the sun beneath the sea.
                               You hold the key, unlock the past. 
                               You have the power to guide our path.
                               Step by step, we will be strong until the sun is seen by all.
                               Before you came, we only had a dream.
                               Hidden deeply, burning brightly like the sun beneath the sea.
                               Spartakus, Spartakus, Spartakus!  

                               Season 1:
                               The City of Arkadia, The Gladiators of Barkar, The Emperor Quin & the Eighth Kingdom
                               Rebecca: Pirate of the Sea, Tada and the Royal Insignia, The Pirate Convention
                               The Capture of Demosthenes, Arkana and the Beast, The Pirate Klub
                               Emergency Landing, Living Crystal, Out of Control, The Law of the Mogokhs
                               Between Two Worlds, The Drummer, The Defeat of Gog and Magog
                               Children... and Mice, The Dark Hole, Night of the Amazons, Star Healer
                               The Icy Web, The Court of Miracles, Dr. Test, The Prisoners of Lost Time
                               Interstratas War, The Secret of the Auracite
                               Season 2
                               Prophecy of the Auracite, The Land of the Chameleons, The Floating Casino
                               The Most Dangerous Game, The Tightrope, The Boy Pharaoh, The Twisted Rainbow
                               Cyrano, Prince Matt, The Land of the Great Spider, High-Risk Highrise
                               The Ransom of Peace, The Master of the Tongues, The Triangle of the Deep
                               Tehrig's Nightmare, The Token of the Manitou, Rainbow's End, Uncle Albert
                               Dodo, The Shadow of the Tehra, Holiday Fever, Mama Thot
                               The Temple of the Condor, Gateway to Dawn, The Path of Light
                               The Return of the Prisoners of the Lost Time

Story by Nina Wolmark
Directed by Michel Gauthier
Music by Vladimir Cosma
Executive Producers – Nina and Gilbert Wolmark
Animation by Caesar Video Graphics

English version:
    Multidub International (Montreal, Paris)
    Director – Howard Ryshpin
RMC Audio Visual Monte Carlo Prod.

World of David the Gnome, The

Wholesome, slightly drab, but entertaining series w/the voice of Tom Bosley.  1987-1988.  Based on the book The Gnomes by
Rien Poortvliet & Wil Huygen.  Ran for 26 episodes.  

David – Doctor, friendly guy. Doesn’t like trolls.
Trolls – Not doctors, unfriendly things. Don't like anyone.
Swift – David’s trusty fox.

                               Look around you.  There are many things to see, that some would say could never be.
                               These things I know.  It’s true and I will tell you so.  They are there to see, if you believe.
                               Trolls and wizards and fairy kings, birds that talk and fish that sing.
                               And if your heart is true, then you will find them too.
                               In every wish and dream and happy home, you will find the kingdom of the Gnomes.

           Good Medicine, Witch Way Out?, David to the Rescue, The Baby Troll 
                               Little Houses for Little People, The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t
                               To Grandfather’s House We Go, The Ghost of Black Lake, The Kingdom of the Elves
                               The Magic Knife, Young Doctor Gnome, Happy Birthday to You, The Siberian Bear
                               Foxy Dilemma, Three Wishes, Ivan the Terrible, Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!
                               Any Milk Today?, The Shadowless Stone, Friends in Trouble, Airlift!
                               Big Bad Tom, Kangaroo Adventure, The Careless Cub, The Gift, The Mountains Of Beyond

Voices: David (Tom Bosley)
Series adapted for TV by Claudio Biern Boyd
Adapted and directed by Ernest Reid
Executives in charge of production – Bob and Harvey Weinstein