Cute, live-action/animated series about the animal inhabitants of Maple Town.  Aired on Nick beginning in 1987  

Patty Rabbit
Bobby Bear
Fanny Fox
Wild Wolf
Mayor Dandy-Lion

                               Can’t wait to get to Maple Town, my favorite place to be.  Maple Town and me.
                               Living each day, we laugh and we play, my favorite place to be.  Maple Town and me.  

EPISODE GUIDE (incomplete):
                               A Baby Comes to Maple Town, When Children Must Be Grownups
                               Medicine from Maple Mountain, The Children's Forest Patrol
                               The Case of the Missing Candy, Teacher Please Don't Go, The House Made of Love
                               A Most Unlikely Heroine, The Prettiest Dress in Maple Town
                               The Children's Forest Patrol, The Stolen Necklace, The Pot that Wouldn't Hold Water
                               The Greatest Treasure of All

VP of production – J. Edward Bergh
Supervising director – Robert V. Barron
Live action producer and director – Mary Jo Blue
Music – Haim Saban and Shuki Levy
Music coordination – Andrew Dimitroff
Video editing – Larry Porsche

Maya the Bee

Cutesy adventures of Maya, a friendly little bee, and her insect friends.  Based on the stories by Waldemar Bonsels.
(“The Adventures of Maya the Bee”) Made in 1975, aired 1988-1992.  Ran for 65 episodes.  

Maya – An extremely happy bee.
Flip – Grasshopper buddy.
Willi – Maya’s bee friend  

                                Who’s a friendly, little bee playing oh-so happily.  Buzzing here and buzzing there
                                Busy buzzing everywhere.  Maya loves and Maya cares, Maya gives and Maya shares.
                                Maya likes to play around, but she’ll never let you down.
                                Maya…Maya the Bee.  Maya… Maya the Bee…
                                See her flying through the air, buzzing here and buzzing there.
                                Saying catch me if you dare, busy buzzing everywhere.
                                Maya…Maya the Bee.  Maya… Maya the Bee…  

EPISODE GUIDE (incomplete):
                                Parasite Fly, Show-Off Cockroach, Lonely Mole Cricket, Trouble Ant, Home Sweet Home  

Voices: Maya (Pauline Little)
         Willi (Richard Dumont)
         Flip (A.J. Henderson)
Supervising voice director – Tim Reid
Studio supervisor – Barbara Parker
Music supervisor – Andrew Dimitroff
Video editor – Michael Forbes
An Apollo Film production
Zuiyo Eizo Coproduction

Mysterious Cities of Gold, The

Truly stellar, French/Japanese, animated serial.  Rich, funny, interesting, well-written, well-dubbed, and terrific music. 
Esteban, an orphan, joins a navigator named Mendoza (and his two mates Sancho and Pedro) on a journey to find
The cities of gold, and maybe his father.  Along the way, an Incan girl named Zia and a Hivan boy named Tao joins them.
The French episodes were followed by brief documentaries explaining the historical content of the episode. These English
episodes did not have documentaries. The series was slightly edited (for commercials) and dubbed for Nickelodeon.  1983
Ran for 39 episodes.  

MAIN CHARACTERS: (click on the character names to hear some audio samples)
Esteban – Orphan, able to command the sun.
Zia – Incan girl, also looking for father.
Tao – Smart, Hivan boy.
Kokopetl - Tao's smart little parrot
Mendoza – Navigator, hungry for gold.
Sancho – Fat, goofy stutterer.
Pedro – Skinny, monkey-like comic relief
Captain Gaspard
Commander Gomez  

                               “It is the 16th Century.  From all over Europe, great ships sail West to
                               conquer the New World, the Americas.  The men eager to seek their fortune,
                               to find new adventure in new lands.  They long to cross uncharted seas and
                               discover unknown countries; to find secret gold on a mountain trail high in
                               the Andes.  They dream of following the path of the setting sun that leads to
                               Eldorado, and the Mysterious Cities of Gold.”  

                               Children of the sun, see your time has just begun,
                               Searching for your ways through adventures every day.
                               Every day and night with the condor in flight,
                               With all your friends in toe as you search for the Cities of Gold.  

                               Ahhahhahhahhahhhhh.  Wishing for the Cities of Gold.
                               Ahhahhahhahhahhhhh.  Some day we will find the Cities of Gold  

                               Doodoodoodoodoodoo.  Ahhahhahhh. Doodoodoodoodoodoo.  Cities of Gold
                               Doodoodoodoodoodoo.  Cities of Gold
                               Ahhahhahhahhahhhhh.  Some day we will find the Cities of Gold  

                               (only in closing theme)
                               Children of the Sun, someday soon you’re gonna find
                               That your destiny holds the secret, holds the key.  

                               Ahhahhahhahhahhhhh.  Wishing for the Cities of Gold.
                               Ahhahhahhahhahhhhh.  Some day we will find the Cities of Gold  

EPISODE GUIDE (translated from French):
                               Esteban the Child of the Sun, The Crossing of the Atlantic, Of New Heroes
                               Adrift on the Endless Sea, The Abduction of Zia, The Ship Solaris, The Secret of Solaris
                               The New Continent, The End of the Solaris, The Temple’s Secret, Messengers of the Region
                               Secret of the Medallions, The Mystery of the Parents, Esteban's Medalion
                               The Subterranean Secret, The Urubus, The Great Condor, The First Flight of the Great Condor
                               The Nazca Plateau, The Spaniards' Cannon, The Amazons, The Mirror of the Moon
                               The Jade Mask, The Manuscript, The Lake of Gold, The Marshes, The Door of the Night
                               The Forest of Statues, The Burning Shield, The Escape, The Village of the New Sun
                               The Attack of the Olmecs, Reunions, The Revolt of the Mayas, The Olmec’s Machine
                               Ariel Duel, The City of Gold, The Great Legacy, The End of the City of Gold  

French script by Jean Chalopin and Bernard Deyries
Adapted from the original story by Scott O’Dell
Music (Haim Saban and Shuki Levy)
Songs and Music (Disques Saban Polydor)
Animation – Hisayuki Toriumi, Toshiyasu Okada, Mitsuki Nakamura
            Yoshiteru Kobayashi, Hisatoshi Motoki, Takemi Tanemoto
Editing – Tetsuo Matsumoto
Sound Effects – Ryuchi Wakui, Masao Tanaka
Music Editing – Claudio Ventura
French Version – S.T.A.R.T.
Directors of Production – Max Saldinger, Kanae Mayuzumi, Atsumi Yajima
Direction – Bernard Deyries, Edouard David, Kenichi Murakami, Kenichi Maruyama
Executive Producers – DIC France, MK Japon
A co-production of RTL Luxembourg, NHK Japon
With the articipation of Antenne 2 France